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biography :
Alfred Gockel (1952) born near Münster, Germany. In his childhood he worked as a coalminer. Because of this he uses self-prepared tar in most of his acrylics. He studied and teached at the Polytechnic Art University - Münster. Since 1983 until 2006 Alfred published his artworks as open editions. During his travels he met Salvador Dali and Miro. Alfred is a great admirer of Chagall, Kandinsky and Picasso. Since 2003 Alfred gives art lectures and live painting performances for Park West Galleries. 2008 he founded artgroup Quadriga is about etching, woodcut, linoleum and lithograph. Alfred was involved in 'Essen European Cultural Capital 2010 with a sculpture; 2011.Huge sculpture+heli, near highwayjunction  A1/A2 near Duisburg ; 2015 in Münster; 2 more sculptures in Werne and Selm. 
Résumé :
2017 - Introduced as participant at Sculpture Projects Biennale Münster in Germany
2016/ 2015 - Rotterdam Jazz Pop Up Museum - 3d printed silver jewelry collection via gockel - digital printed kitchenwalls via + almost every month USA/EU art tour average 10 – 15 days for a.o. Park West Galleries) - permanent expositions at Veco Furniture-Belgium, Aubin Meubles -Angoulême, Meubles Bodart-Desvres,  Anne Gasse-Mijdrecht, Mondileder-Soesterberg.
2014 - 2011- expositions at Sijben-Eindhoven+Heerlen, de Ruijter Meubelen-Cruquius, Doubletree Hilton - Amsterdam, North Sea Jazz+American Express+Manhattan Hotel-Rotterdam, Seabreeze Jazz-Miami, Gallery Beeldkracht-NL solo exhibition.
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